We can think of a few good reasons:

We’re Affordable
Our streamlined website development process allows us to provide our professional website design at very competitive rates. Prices start from as little as just $799. and because there are no hidden charges, what you are quoted is the exact price you will pay for a professionally designed website.

An easy process with no complicated jargon
If you’ve already called another web designer or seen another web design company’s website you’ll have seen that there’s just too much jargon and too much complexity out there. Here’s the good news, we’re nothing like them.

No offshore designers
We never outsource our work to offshore designers. All our designs are created in the US and you will get a website that is 100% unique to you and your business. Each website is built by professional, experienced web designer and from the ground up so that you get a website designed to your exact requirements.

Content Management System included for all websites
User-friendly Content Management System (CMS) allows you complete control over the content of your website with features that are easy and quick to use. It’s integrated into all of our price packages because we understand the importance of having up to date content.

No on-going costs or hidden charges
Some website design companies will charge you the full amount every year, however we do not – our website packages are single payment websites.

Fast turnarounds
We always try to efficiently deliver all websites as quickly as possible without affecting the website’s design or functionality. We provide everything needed to get your business online efficiently.

Realistic prices that you can afford!
We stress affordability rather than cheapness because trying to be the cheapest means that you have to cut all costs and all corners to keep prices rock bottom. We think there’s some costs and some corners that shouldn’t be cut if you want to get an end result which is worth the investment you’re making – Don’t worry though, we certainly aren’t expensive, we just won’t try to get you in and out of the door as quickly as possible as some others would. A great price for a great service.

Easy maintenance for your website (CMS)
We’re passionate about keeping it up-to-date as easy as possible. You don’t want to have to keep coming back to us whenever you want to change a little bit of text or upload a new image and so with this in mind we’ve built a management system that’s simple for anyone to use.

FREE US based comprehensive support when you need it
Even with the best intentions to make everything super easy, we understand that sometimes you just want to pick up the phone or drop us an email and get a quick answer. We’re here when you need us and when we say here we mean here in the US. No overseas call centres and no long phone queues.

Our own design method with guidance
When large web developers on the internet advertise their services and mention bespoke design, what they don’t realise is, this can potentially put the customer off if they don’t have the sufficient budget who only require a standard website. A long winded bespoke approach also can be very time consuming for endless hours and the result could be very costly for the customer if they don’t have any content or steps in place.

With Camo Duck, we have our own skeleton templates already in place linked to a CMS. These are modified in order to fit the customer’s requirements evolving into a unique website different from any other. This proves to be very efficient based on our past case studies. Beforehand we also offer advice and guidance to establish the types of content which are essential for any type of business.

Why start from a blank page on Dreamweaver? As designers we have all done this before and we now eliminate the time and rather concentrate on what other additional features can be added within the time frame of the project, ensuring the job is delivered efficiently rather than endless back & forth with the customer on a basic design. We basically take control from the start, you tell us what you want and sit back. We go to work and have interaction when it’s required. Also being with a smaller group you receive much more of a dedicated service. Your project is always the priority.

In nearly a decade, we’ve seen an amazing progression of technology and endless business opportunities on the world wide web. Our passion for the web has kept us enthused and on top of emerging trends and technology. Our experience will make us a great option.